Calling for Beta Testers

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Be the first to access to all of our newest updates! We’re looking for volunteers to take part in Beta Testing for forthcoming Phase 2 PRAISE-HK App. WHAT YOU’LL DO:

  • Try out the new features with pre-released version of Phase 2 PRAISE-HK App
  • Provide feedback and complete surveys about your experience and app performance
  • Participate in a briefing and post-test session to share your thoughts


  • Early access to new features of Phase 2 PRAISE-HK App
  • Supermarket shopping coupon
  • PRAISE-HK souvenir pack
  • Acknowledgement on PRAISE-HK’s platforms
  • Personal exposure summary

INVOLVEMENT & TIMELINE: Beta testing period will be conducted in the third quarter of 2020. As a beta-tester, you will be suggested to set aside enough time (no more than 30mins per day) during the projected testing period to try out the features and provide your feedback. This expects you to actively participate in around two-weeks' time and let us know how you feel about using the app. Click here to register to become one of our Beta Testers: Your participation will help us improve the app usability and performance. 

Further details on Beta Testing will be provided soon after registration. PLEASE STAY TUNED! 

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