Our ImpactS

At a personal level, PRAISE-HK App enables users (especially users with chronic illnesses or respiratory problems) to make informed decisions (through picking a cleaner route, or a cleaner activity time and location) to reduce personal exposure and health risk from harmful pollutants.


At the community level, citizens can identify pollution hotspots and influence the decision-making process (e.g. relocating bus stops or advocating for changes in loading time or locations, to reduce exposure for vulnerable groups). We are grateful to see the increasing use of PRAISE-HK data by different community groups.

Here are some collaborating organizations or innovations integrating PRAISE-HK technology: 


Collaborated with the Hong Kong Asthma Society to gather feedback from asthma patients that help us develop an even more effective and user-friendly app that caters to the unique needs of asthma patients in Hong Kong. Through this partnership, to raise awareness of the impact of air pollution on health, especially among vulnerable groups and empower individuals to take proactive steps to protect their health.

Developed by Energizing Kowloon East Office, Development Bureau, MyKE integrated PRAISE-HK's data to provide users the real-time and forecast air quality at street-level in Kowloon East.


Learn about MyKE App

Considering air pollution as a public health risk, the RCDP mobile App of the Hong Kong Red Cross is now connecting to PRAISE-HK web application, allowing users to stay informed with the real-time air quality information.


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PRAISE-HK supports the air quality alert feature of the air quality monitoring solution from BlueSky Energy Technology by providing the geolocational specific information of outdoor air quality. 


At the public policy level, PRAISE-HK would provide evidence for advocating changes in some key policy sectors, such as the building sector (for better indoor air quality), urban planning sector (for improving urban ventilation), and the transport sector (for managing traffic emissions).

PRAISE-HK was featured in Hong Kong Environment Bureau's report Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2035 published in June 2021 showcasing the Government's support and the coming plan to adopt the PRAISE-HK idea in the development of a district-based air quality information system for Hong Kong.


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